Neuroscience 2018 meeting

Society of Neuroscience (SfN) annual meetings are huge get-togethers for scientists working in different fields of neuroscience. This year nearly 30 000 neuroscientists gathered to sunny San Diego in California to show their results, meet each other and discuss. Many different kinds of topics were covered in the presentations from the level of a single molecule to the level of wide perspective of human behavior.

One of the greatest thing about this meeting was the atmosphere. Equality was seen important and was included in the ideology of the meeting. All scientists were warmly welcome and respected in the meeting, regardless of their origin, current situation or their other features. Everyone’s findings were seen equally important and worth of sharing to the community. Something that was truly uniting all participants was enthusiasm and common aim to together make better science and solve currently unsolved problems.

In conferences, it is more likely to come across new ideas and inspiration based on studies that are not necessarily that closely linked to persons own work. In five days, this meeting gave a valuable cross-section of the current highlights in the field, like studying role of glial cells, neuro-inflammation or microglia in various neural deficits. This meeting was an eye-opening reminder of the spectrum and the importance of different kinds of research performed.

One clear conclusion about the in vitro research topics was, that “body-on-chip” -platforms are not yet widely recognized by the majority of neuroscientists. There was a lot of interest about silicone based microchannel devices, co-cultures and in vitro electrophysiological measurements as tools in research, which can all be seen as building blocks of “organ-on-chip”- and further “body-on-chip” -platforms. In the field of neuroscience the “body on chip”-platform is still relatively new research tool and after a while, it will surely find its place among other hot topic tools, like organoids. To achieve this “hot topic” -status it is important, that people working in “body-on-chip” area bring their results to bigger audience and to general conferences, like the SfN2018.  This helps to gain visibility among researchers outside the “body-on-chip” research field and is important in building a bright future to our “body-on-chip” field.

Tiina Joki 21.01.2019

Most important thing I learned during Neuroscience 2018 meeting – We are community, inspire others and they will inspire you!

Tiina Joki